Architectural Review

Purpose of Architectural Review

If you wish to make exterior changes to your home or grounds, you must get prior written permission from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). As stated in the CC&R's, the purpose is to ensure the quality of workmanship and materials and to assure the harmony of external design within the community. Addtionally, changes made to areas of property which are the responsibility of the Association to maintain, such as front yard landscaping, may also involve management and maintenance costs of concern to the Association. Currently your Board of Directorss serves as the Architectural Review Committee.

Most requests are approved, provided that they are aesthetically in keeping with the overall community design, that they meet building and safety codes, and that they do not encroach on common areas or neighbors' property. Some changes may not be approved. Examples include converting your garage to another purpose by replacing the door with a wall, or replacing your lawn with other landscaping.

Application Process

To apply for ARC permission, mail or e-mail the Community Manager providing a complete description the changes you wish to make in as much detail as possible. Include any drawings or plans, contractor bids, paint "swatches", brochures or pictures which may be helpful to the ARC Committee in making their decision.

The ARC will review your application, will do any necessary research with CC&Rs, neighbors, and/or the City of Corvallis, then will notify you by mail of their decision within 30 days or less.

Satellite Dishes and Digital TV Antennas

Rules regarding the installation of Satellite dishes and Digital Television antennas in communities administred under CC&Rs are set forth by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Because a Satellite Dish or Digital Antenna is considered a "modification" to the exterior of your property, the CC&Rs require that an ARC Application must be submitted for all Satellite or Antenna installations. However, you need NOT wait for ARC approval to proceed with your dish or antenna installation.

Because the Association is responsible for maintaining the Front Yards and Common Area, dishes and antennas may not be installed in these locations. Where ever possible, the equipment should be installed in the least visible spot on your property but where you are assured of receiving a clear signal.

Additional Information

It is important that you request ARC approval for your project prior to begining the work. Owners making modifications to their property without permission risk possibly being required to restore or repair the changes at owner expense, incurring fines and leins, or both. If you have questions regarding Architectural Review issues, consult your CC&R's or contact the ARC Committee or the Community Manager.